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Aware of Unwanted Messages


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Hello all,

I hope you are well. I want to inform you about an issue. Time to time I get messages that buyers offer a high-budget job and attach a zipped file for instructions.

If there is a .exe or .dmg file, do not open it. Most probably it is a virus, malware, spyware or something else.

I hope no one will be hurt.

Have a good day/evening/night 🙂

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Yes! Last week got a few such messages. Reported.

Just wanted to mention, people send malware (macro) in word docs as well. Last year I got at least 10-15 such word docs. If you wish to read more about it, simply google “macro word document malware”

Thanks for inform us about macro word document malware. I have checked it on Microsoft’s page. It is more dangerous that i think. Even if you just open word document, it harms you.

Here is the link for more information. Need to check this page https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/threats/macro-malware

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Yep! I do most of the work with word doc and clients usually send scripts in word docs only. Images on microsoft site are pretty old…what scammers send its way more attractive and believable.

Word doc might have an image instead of words. On that image, that scammer might write something like click on icon on the top bar to view the contents. That icon appears as a part of word doc, on yellowish bar…just like an “Edit Document” button.

Found image of what it looks like:


Name of the virus > Trojan: Win32/Fuery.B!c!

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Once I got a message with an .exe file and reported. I know I have nothing to do with an .exe file for graphic design. But I get word files from buyers all the time. Can you tell me how I can identify a macro word document?

Disable Macros in Office Documents https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Enable-or-disable-macros-in-Office-documents-7b4fdd2e-174f-47e2-9611-9efe4f860b12

In recent versions of Microsoft Office, macros are disabled by default. This means malware authors need to convince you to turn on macros so that their malware can run. They do this by showing you fake warnings when you open a malicious document.

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