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My Experience So Far With Fiverr


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I have been a Seller on Fiverr since March 2014
I want to talk about the experience I’ve had on Fiverr so far and i think it’s excellent!
I’ve successfully completed about 5,919 jobs now and this platform has really helped me with it and to show the skills I got!
I’ve worked on other platforms before I came here - unlike other platforms, I liked their services a lot and how it makes the orders so easily manageable
To just make it simple - If you have the real skill, you won’t have to wait or PAY to get the spotlight
Not only the buyers but the sellers as well have a very easy and convenient way to make the orders and get what’s required in a timely and cost efficient manner

It’s even better if you’re just planning to join the platform as a seller as it really provides you a great opportunity to rise as a shining star if you complete some requirements like successfully completing a number of orders, and responding to queries on time and you’ll be UP in no time

Though you have to be careful not to violate any terms of service if you want to keep going and keep rising and you must remain updated with the rules and regulations as you’ll receive only a couple warnings before they take serious action

For myself - I’d say the Fiverr’s one of the best freelancing platform
I’d like to hear everybody else’s thoughts as well about their experience on this platform

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