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Response Time Question


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Hey there!

I am wondering how the Response Time works exactly. I have a response time of under 1 hour, which is great, but I have a question about it:

When you’re in a chat with a potential buyer (or even after you finished a project for a buyer and you’re back in the chat to finish up the conversation), should I always be the last one to send a message in the chat? Or in other words, if the buyer is the last one to send a message in the chat, will that affect my Response Time?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Maybe to be precisely, the latest first chat count.

For example you have a conversation with buyer A and your first response is great.

And then after several months he start a conversation with you again and this time you didn’t response it well.
This second conversation will count as a new parameter, so if you replied it late then it will reduce your response time.

That’s so far I know, please correct me if I’m wrong.

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