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Thirty days get no order


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Guest climaxim

Thirty days get no order,

Sitting here, expecting more,

Successful sellers don’t do this,

But I will continue to just wish.

A beautiful poem written just for you, based on the structure of “30 Days has September” which your title reminded me of.

it made my day! 😃

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Those sellers are all happy which are on first page of fiverr lot of orders are getting every days but here no order yet

First page of Fiverr makes me happy,

Took lots of time, effort and money,

Begrudgers can sit and moan,

Or else can use the tips I’ve shown.

Find all the ideas, methods and plans I have used to get sales in the link below, all neatly presented and written in easy to understand language to ensure they are accessible to everyone. https://forum.fiverr.com/search?expanded=true&q=upyour%20%40eoinfinnegan

Or don’t. Whatevs…

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Me too I got my first order after 22 days. after that, i didn’t get any. this is the day 30.

But I’m happy. Because, there are 100 of people, waiting for there first order.

yeah true that you should take it with a grain of salt brother. I haven’t gotten an order since i started. Its been 4 days and still no order.

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