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Need help in knowing WHAT to do first for my project!


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Hi there!

I am in the process of developing an app (I hired an app developer–I am the ideas person :)).

As I am developing the app, I am trying to find people (clients) to sign up to USE the app before it’s fully developed (so I need people to see the app idea, be excited and interested in it, and be inspired to sign up to use it).

How I am trying to get the emails is from my website: ********** dot com which I’m using as a website to collect emails. Once I get their email I would email them to ask if they want to be either a “*** handyman” or a “******* app user”. The website basically just says what the app is.

From there, I’m hoping to find the first app users.

I guess my question is who do I hire/what do I hire to make my app the MOST successful? What do I do first??? I hired someone cheaply to basically just get a bunch of people to the website, but I don’t know if that’s the BEST way to start. Especially because it’s a new concept. Maybe making some sort of social media ad or…?

Love to get some advice on this!


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