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Buyer hasn't replied to my messages, and I'm supposed to deliver in 2 hours ?!


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I just joined and I’ve got a few questions … First would be, that I’m supposed to deliver my 2nd gig today, and I haven’t heard back from the buyer since Sunday.

He bought a logo, I delivered 6 options on the first 24 hours, he then sent me his current logo and since, I’ve delivered 6 other options and haven’t heard back. I’m supposed to deliver in 2 hours, and I haven’t heard anything. How will this affect my ratings, etc, if I’ve been trying to contact him to deliver on time and haven’t heard back ?

Also, when it comes to logos, how many is enough ? … I mean, do I keep making him more and more until he finds one he likes for $4 ? (any designer knows how much time it takes for a logo, hahaha) or is there a point where we can just stop ?! … Help ? lol …

Thanks in advance ! looking forward to working with all of you in the future, 🙂


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Reply to @kjblynx: agreeing with you!!

Do not let go of your money when you have put in so much effort. I would normally just deliver and let them to know that they should get back to me if they have issues. Remind them not to hit modify button as this will cause a lot of havoc.

If you dont hear from them for another three days, your delivery will be marked complete so you will get the money 😉 Stress that they should get back to you when they see the message.

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Yeah, I didn’t know when it was ok to stop, and I guess I was just excited to be doing some stuff, haha … Rookie mistake, 🙂 … I was even thinking about taking down the gig, hahaha …

Thanks for your message, I did what you recommended and I guess now I’ll wait to hear back from him !!!

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Great Q & A girls,

I have a question please. I have Gigs from Voice overs in Spanish or English to translating. My client had asked me to do a Voiceover and provided transcript in Spanish that was horribly translated.

I prompted him to get it fixed as I thought I’d be unprofessional to do VO like that. He was really nice and said he’ll get back to me.

The next thing I know he writes back saying that he’d go with my translation services Gig and the VO as well. He places one (1 ) Gig and sends me two scripts:

The English version and the horribly translated Spanish one of over 500 words that would have been a few gigs.

I replied explaining over the weekend, he took so long to reply back then finally told me that “they” had to postpone the Gig for about two weeks. I replied that I had to do something since he purchased the Gig even just the begining of the project worth $4.00 bucks , didn’t hears from him and the Gig expired. Today the Gig was cancelled.

There is a record of our conversations. Is this going to affect my ratings? Augh I truly dislike when clients don’t read the Gigs.


Thanks in advance


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