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''Order Completion Rate'' Need to be changed


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Hello everyone i was level 2 seller, this is my first post, i want to share my experiences working on Fiverr, my business was going pretty good, no problems at all and 3-4 days i was on first page and i was really proud about that, then i decide to take a brake and they add ‘‘Evaluation’’ update, everything was good nothing changed, but last month i had problem with ‘‘Order Completion Rate’’ because 2 buyers purchased my 5$ gig don’t asking me anything, in my gig i wrote ‘‘contact me before ordering’’, but they don’t and they wanted detailed illustration for 5$ of course with source files, i told them this cost more then 5$, they told my i have no more money and sorry i don’t know about that, so we canceled the orders, and my order completion rating dropped to 80% so i lost my level 2, and next evaluation i think i will lost my current level, because i have little amount of orders in this 2 month, like i told i take a brake some time, so i think this need to be fixed, maybe when they ordering we can decline if we don’t like it, because they don’t reading what packages are including they just ordering and then canceling, i’m disappointed

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