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Keep Track of your Fiverr Finance


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Hello guys,

Many of the Fiverr Sellers when they get to Level 1 or Level 2 they start getting a lot of orders ( also Top Rated Sellers obviously lol ). So it would be helpful if they can keep track of their finance: how much did they gained? how much cancellations did they had? and so on … The Fiverr team did a great job to provide such statistics with the V2 ( Analytics Page ) But it’s not enough since it doesn’t give you statistics over an exact period of time ( how much gained per every month, how much gained per year ) which is very valuable information for people who work with exact goals in mind ( my goal for example : reach the $1000/month!! 😛 ) or for the people who want to monitor their general progression ( if they are testing news Gigs or new ways of promoting ).

So what I am suggesting is to create an Excel sheet where you keep the record of everything, you will be updating it daily with the amount cleared, cancelled or withdraw-ed… Excel gives the possibility to add some fancy graphs and trend curves which very helpful to predict how much you will gain in the next months. One thing you may also add is parallel columns for your currency…

You can see these examples of what I am talking about ( don’t pay attention to the numbers they are just random 😛 )




I have been doing that myself. And it’s great because you can measure all sort of things: the impact of getting a new level, adding a video to your Gig, the efficiency of a new promotion gateway… Keeping track of my Fiverr finance also helped me stay focused and encouraged me to put more effort into my work ( love seeing all the graphs going UP! )

For the one of you that likes this idea but who don’t have the time to actually do it ( or who are just too lazy for that 😛 ) You can have the Fiverr Finance Sheet for $5 in this Gig that I created especially for that : http://fiverr.com/enissay14/give-you-this-excel-sheet-to-keep-track-of-your-fiverr-finance

Better of success to all of you guys!


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