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Not getting any purchase orders? When you find out your Gig isn't being listed in search


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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing awesome!

So, I ran into this recently and discovered that my ****************** Gig wasn’t being listed in Fiverr’s Search. After using all sorts of devices from different IP addresses (VPN) for testing, I couldn’t find my Gig anywhere- and I was pretty concerned- since I’ve had this Gig sitting pretty for months… maybe even a year.

I checked everything on my account… and the Gig… and all looked totally fine. No issues that I could see in which would cause the GIg not to show up in a search query for specific sets of keywords which should return my Gig in the search results.

Long story short… I emailed Fiverr support (correction: I opened a ticket first) to see if they could find the problem. I received a response back within a day with them indicating it is showing up in search… and for me to check again.

After checking again, IT IS A MIRACLE! … my Gig is now showing up in search. :thinking:

Not sure why in the world this happened… but I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone else who might be running into this ordeal. Just open up a Fiverr support ticket if you are dealing with this.

Rock on! 😄


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I had this same issue happen recently and also contacting Fiverr support made it come up. Yet, first to make sure all the Gig setup was correct I managed to get the stats to update (clicks) by promoting on social media, but the Fiverr impressions where still at Zero which showed it was simply not being displayed on Fiverr… I get the impression is an internal glitch / bug and not specifically related to the gig it’self

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