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‼️ What if I think I've been suspended, blocked or banned from the forum?


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For more specific information on suspensions, blocks and bans, see this post:

Q. What if I know I had a Fiverr and forum account, but I cannot login to the forum anymore? A: Step One: The first thing you might want to do is to make sure that your Fiverr account is still active. Go to fiverr.com/login and make sure you are already logged in or that you can log in. If you cannot login to Fiverr anymore, there may be an issue with your Fiverr account. Sellers or Buyers who no longer have an active Fiverr account do not normally retain access to the forum, so you can o…

You can also search the forum for FIVERRFO for more forum related posts. Also, check out these categories:


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