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Delivery Modification time


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Hello Sellers,

I want to know if you deliver your order exactly to buyer needs and Buyer Request a list of modifications that cannot be done in 24 hours then what to do to avoid being marked that order as late?

I know sending the resolution of extending deliver time fix this but some buyers are unresponsive and cannot accept in 48 hours.

When the order gets marked as late then this affects the profile delivery time progress which is important and required for maintaining your level. My delivery time progress dropped from 100% to 90% because of some orders modifications.

I would appreciate that if you help and share some tips to fix this problem.


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But It effected, I completed order on time then buyer request modification additional change and order gets marked as late and delivery time progress of my profile goes down.

same experience but as logo_pro7 mine wasnt affected at all. it was the same after that. this was just last week.

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I talked on the same topic with CS and they told yes, it will affect your delivery time. But this shouldn’t be as sometime buyer ask for multiple revision - so naturally it will stretch the time. They suggested me to EXTEND delivery time from resolution center for such cases.

Here is the copy from CS

Rachel December 06, 2017 16:44
Hi again,

I understand where you are coming from. My best recommendation is to work on delivering your orders to the best of your ability. As mentioned in the video notification, we are working on improving the Level system. The evaluation date as mentioned is January 15th, so you do have time to work on improving your account.

Here are some tips on what you need to keep an eye on:

Deliver all orders on time! If you recognize that an order requires more work than originally planned, make sure to extend the delivery time of the order through the resolution located on the order page. Don’t try to skirt the system and deliver unfinished work as this is against Fiverr Terms of Service and will affect your level.
If you receive many messages, you can always set a quick-response auto-reply to help you manage your inbox.
We take our Terms of Service very seriously. If you violate our TOS, it will affect your eligibility for promotion. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these rules and abide by them in your day-to-day Fiverr interactions.
If you are struggling to manage incoming orders and deliver them on time, consider using the limit orders in queue feature. This allows you to set a limit on the amount of orders you can handle, so you can make sure you provide outstanding service and delivery.

Also, check out the Need to Know article at http://blog.fiverr.com/level-systems-update-what-fiverr-sellers-need-to-know.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Rachel | Fiverr Customer Support

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