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Extend the delivery time on an order with Milestones (BUG)


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Hello all,

I am currently working on a huge order for which I used the milestones option.
The client and I remain in close contact on the order page and he proposed to extend the delivery time of the second and largest part which is normally due on Tuesday 20th in the morning. He needs my texts by the end of the working week, so on Friday instead of Tuesday. This suited me fine, because this means I have got a few days more to revise a whole bunch of texts to be used on a new website.
So I started a dispute to extend the delivery time.
When I did, I noticed that it used the delivery time of the first milestone to extend the delivery time and not the delivery time of the second and last milestone. In practice, this meant that I had to extend the delivery time with 17 days and not with 3 days to get to Friday 23rd!!!
I also explained this to my long time buyer and I hope he understands how this came about.
However, I do think this is a bug in the milestones system.
The extension period is related to the second milestone only and not to whole of the delivery.

Has anyone experienced this before?
Is it a bug? Was it meant to be like this?
I guess this can be confusing to buyers who are new to milestones on Fiverr!

I appreciate all your thoughts!

Kind regards,


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