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Gig Profile Suggestions


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Although the profile is good as it is with it being nice and simple, I think there can be some changes made.

There is a “World Domination” map for example, that I don’t think should be “dominating” so much. Although I do see some value of clients being able to see who you worked with in the past, I think this is more beneficial for just the seller to have in their personal analytics rather than on their profile page.

As this is Fiverr, gigs should be more put up front and custom profile options should be made.

My two main interests I would like to have is that of being able to stick my gig in a custom-named category or if this is too much, perhaps just at least being able to have them sorted by category they’re in rather than just all thrown out there on one page. In addition I think they should be a little bigger(or let the user control the size so that they can increase the size of those they think are important for buyers to focus on.) and you should be able to move them around as you please, but have a drop-down menu kind of like gig categories have if the buyer wants to sort your gigs by “most popular”, “best rating”, “newest” and things such as this.

These are just some things I can think of at the moment, but hey. Feel free to add your own suggestions too and share your input with suggestions I have made.

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