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Is there any way to do this?


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hahahahahhahahah 😂
hahahahahahahahahahhahahahah 😂 😂 I just realized that until yesterday, I would have known the answer to the question I’m about to ask. I was a level 2 and yesterday became a new seller (with two years experience). So is it psychological? They label me as a newbie–then I start acting like one by posting a question that any level 2 would know the answer to. 😂


Instead of typing a long post, I’d rather record a short video so that I can incorporate visuals and stop motion animation and upload the video as a post. Is this possible?

**What I want to say is normal forum content–nothing offensive, not a rant, not bad in any way, nor a self promotion in any way.
I assume that the answer is “no.” But just wondering. If not here I have nowhere else to post it except on Youtube and social media–but then this forum’s members won’t even know it exists, and it’s meant to be for the forum–just presented in film medium instead of text.

[i’m assuming that posting a Youtube link is NOT allowed here–right?]

Thanks in advance for any info 😊


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Hey May.

That topic (posting YouTube links allowed or not) got a mod note in a recent thread, look here, post 27 if my phone doesn’t lie (or around it). It wasn’t the person posting their own video but someone posting a video of someone else, though.

SHE CAN SING TOO!? Why can’t I do any of this!? People think I am a guy part of the time on the phone and she can sing beautifully! Mod Note (FH): Youtube is an allowed url on the forum, so as far as I know this can be displayed unless I hear otherwise. Please take care not to post items that may be flagged as spam, though. The forum rules are still in effect!!!

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If embedding a youtube clip or similar site video isn’t allowed, you could attach a .gif (I don’t know whether an animated .png would work). So even though it couldn’t have audio it could include visual content and you could add text to the post.

edit: It looks like youtube videos are allowed too - see Miila’s post.

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