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Need some changes for sellers in control panel


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Hello every one,

I want that fiverr increase limit of characters in Instruction for Buyer’s box because now with gig extras we can not ask them clearly what we want and need to write in short words to save characters like “U need 2 give me URL of UR site” or many things like that.

Also many time buyers respond on order page that i will give you info in next 1 or 2 days or some thing like this so counter start and we losing our time to deliver order so if buyer will not leave message again so we can loss our money which we get from buyer. So I ask support to add some kind of button for start gig delivery time or pause work delivery time , or box on order page for separate conversation like this to handle these type of situation and make separate box for responding instructions but they do not do it.

So i want you to add your vote here for these changes or if you want any more changes you have in mind so please share them here.

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