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Remember Sellers, You CAN get good feedback Even If The Buyer Did Not Like Your Service


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This is the key: Treat buyers with the utmost respect, no matter what…This forum post is not to tell you to deliver bad results, but this advice can help lower negative feedback. Being professional really does help.

Also, If no news is good news, then no feedback is also good feedback.

I know the importance of buyers leaving good feedback for a job well done and it makes me feel good when I do receive it, but I also want to build up my feedback as well and I sometimes hate it when I see that Fiverr has completed an order only to see “Order Completed” which means the buyer did not leave you feedback.


I have purchased some gigs that I did not like the result of, but the seller communicated and treated me well. In that case, I either do not leave any feedback or may leave good feedback just because the seller communicated well. I can always reject the order, but sometimes I keep the product and do not leave bad feedback because I may have use for it later, just not now. As long as the seller was not a total jerk, I won’t leave that seller negative feedback.

Here’s a good analogy: Everyone has walked into a restaurant at least once for a meal they did not like. The food wasn’t good for some reason, but you didn’t run to the Better Business Bureau to report that restaurant either. If the service was good, then the fact that you didn’t enjoy the food may have been mitigated by the good service.

You CAN Get Good Feedback Even IF The Buyer Does Not Like Your Service!

I just don’t like receiving negative feedback from buyers, so I don’t leave it for other sellers. I have also left GOOD feedback even when I did not like the delivered product, just because the seller communicated and was professional with me.


Don’t fret when a buyer does not leave you feedback. Maybe that buyer did not like your product and did not want to hurt your feelings. Remember, we cannot please everyone and if a buyer has a good heart, they will not leave you negative feedback for unsatisfactory results. Just don’t be mean to the buyer.

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