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Fragglesrock Seller cunning, dishonest and unable Fiverr but does not intervene


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I posted a request for the creation of an app

I found convincing the seller’s proposal Fragglesrock that after repeating my needs began composing the application.

But after a few days the seller pretended not to understand my broken English to justify the fact that he could not work on an online platform very basic.

This platform besides not predict resale unless authorized by the company and 'sFragglesrock for my needs and for the following reasons:

Not suitable for professional webcast uses external applications

The app is not suitable for Windows 8 and is not published on the respective market (Android, iOS)

Is limited to a template already set and you can not add logos of different shape, different backgrounds etc.

Specified items very well before the order and proclamation

After a month tells me that he is capable of and that for the time devoted does not return the advance payment of $ 20.

I reported several times that the seller does not return the money but no response

How to resolve this issue and prevent this seller to continue to defraud buyers?

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Thanks for the reply dear.

in fact I’m telling you what happened warning others of what can happen.

In 10 days I have not received any response, as usually happens to the requests made are notified with a message, which in this case did not happen, as the seller was contacted immediately.


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