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Account not opening

Guest ayandas707

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Guest ayandas707

Few days ago all of my gigs got denied, I was not sure why it got denied.The only mail that I got is this kind of service are not needed in our marketplace. I used to make funny videos under your message on. But I saw a lot similar kind of gigs from other sellers. I was really confused what is going on? what can be done and what can not be?
Since my all gigs got denied, I created two funny gigs, still I was not sure. I was also having some problem with the gigs sharing links. Previously they were not replying to any of mails before creating gigs.So I contacted customer service saying about my link issue, within minutes i found my account deactivated. And I got a mail saying this

"We are constantly working on improving every aspect of our marketplace. Our dedicated team has reviewed your account activity and determined that it is in violation of our Terms of Service and/or other policies. As a result, this message is to let you know that your Fiverr account has been disabled.

Any available balance that remains in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us


In reply I told them the whole thing it was a total misunderstanding in details and I never had any bad intentions. I have a lot of money in my account and some pending clearance too, which are main concern. Am I going to get my money back? It is a lot of money and I have worked a lot under the rules and I need it since I am jobless now.
What should I do?

Now when I try to login the fiverr page just reloads, it show nothing else.

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Guest introvideos12

You’ve been informed that your account has been disabled, that means you won’t be able to log in to your account.

Only CS can help you on this. As for your funds, they will clear after 90 days and you should be able to withdraw them if you can verify that you’re the owner of the account I think.

I’m sorry about what you’re going through, maybe it’s time to consider offering a different type of service on Fiverr

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