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Should I offer the total amount of the buyers budget?


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I am new so I am using the Buyers request section, but lot of buyers dont specify exactly what they want, so I ussually offer the total amount of their budget so we can discuss on inbox the details and then, I send another custom offer.

My question is, Should I offer the total amount of the buyers budget and wait for the inbox (With the risk of being ignored)
Or should I offer, a little bit less so I dont reach the buyers budget and keep him/her interested?

What would you do? or have you done?

I am starting to build my profile here on fiverr so any tip will be great for me, thank you! :D!

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If I see any specific budget & the budget don’t match with my expectation I simply avoid that project. If The budget is close to my expectation I add a small note why I need this extra. For me most of the time I see Buyers put a demo/placeholder price.

Important: Only send your offer to the Buyer Request section. Never send any msg in Inbox until they msg you. it’s a kind of spamming. If buyer flag that msg, that could bring you a lot of trouble.

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