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I will order some gigs for people to appear in my Hurricane Sandy music video


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I am from the east coast US and have written a song about Hurricane Sandy. Now, I want to do a music video and would like people in it. You do not have to be from an area that was hit by Hurricane Sandy or Katrina. The song is called “Cold” and it is simply a matter of saying “You’re So Cold” in the chorus of the video, but I have to send you the music and your lips must match the backing vocals, so actually, you will be lip synching my chorus.

A Fiverr fact: This is a commercial rock song around punk rock and I worked with all Fiverr sellers on this including a guitarist from California, backing vocalist from Australia, drummer from Israel, and a co-lyricist Chris Hardy (not sure where he’s from). All Fiverr sellers!!!

If you are interested, please reply here. I can send you a sample. Unfortunately, the Fiverr forum does not allow MP3s.


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