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2 of my gigs got denied, i m very sad ,


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I would like to know that helping a student in his/hers research paper to make it convey the real message of is a crime?
Isn’t mentoring, or guiding a student a good work ?

Some one reported my craigslist gig to be violation of terms, I personally feel that person must have communicated with me,

I would bring it to your attention that may be, the one who reported to you is trying to evade
healthy competition when he can contact the gig creator to make the changes.

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Guest phantompower

When your gig is reported to violate any TOS, the message isn’t redirected to a bot that automatically deletes it. Fiverr will review the gig and then delete it if they find it against tos. Mentoring isn’t bad in fact I don’t think it’s against tos. Doing someones homework is a no no. If I send you my work and you edit it to make sense, then you have dome my homework.

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