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How to attract buyer again after a Long Time Break


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Hello Senior,

I’m very anxious on how to get people again to my gig, how i’m start again?

I took a 8 months break from fiverr.com, And I can’t get any buyer now though i’m much more experienced comparing previews even double times, but if there’s no traffic on it now, there probably more competitor - or am I wrong?

I really hope to get some tips or something on how to start again on fiverr.com ,is there anything need to change on my existing gig, are my gigs not unique enough, or what is it that i’ve done wrong?

*My Profile is here: https://www.fiverr.com/designbd0101

Thanks in advance Towards all of Fiverrien!

Graphic Designer

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Hey there!

I think the key is to get your name out there. You need clicks and impressions from other sites. By increasing the impressions and clicks fiverr will show your ad to more people and this will increase your sales, reputation and thereby increase your sales.

You can pretty much advertise anywhere. Its very important to get clicks though! I dont want to self advertise but check out my shoutouts gig send me a message if youre curious. we can discuss the matter further.

Hope this helps! 😄

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