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Please help me. I have 0 orders


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I am new and not getting orders now I am fedup kindly help me how my gig start geting impressions and clicks ?

My gigs impressions and clicks very low 😥

I am offering 100% authentic hard work my research is very strong I am giving many things in just $5 then why I am not getting orders

Guide me help me please what is the game behind fiver success thanks

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@khanchek Your profile has quite a few problems.

  • It appears that you are using a photograph of someone else as your profile photo. Never use images of other people or other people’s work as your own.
  • Your gig description is very short and you should use the space you have to give more detail.
  • You need to show more samples of your own work and they should be genuine. Buyers cannot tell much from the little you have displayed. The video and the gig image area should be used to show the best of your work. You can also list a portfolio to offer even more samples, just be sure to use an approved portfolio site.
  • To get started takes a lot of effort, marketing your own gigs, applying for buyer requests and patience. It doesn’t happen by waiting for something to drop in your lap.
  • You are competing with many other sellers so you’ll have to show how and why you are different or better or cheaper.
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