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Your honest review of my gig. Thank you


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First and foremost this thread is not about how to increase fiverr sales, exposure, etc for my gig. There are many threads on this and I already read them. Rather I am looking for some great feedback on my gig.

I recently posted my first gig on fivver 1 day ago. I am just looking for some honest feedback regarding it. I personally think it is a great deal and great ad. Just need to wait now and be patient.

Could my ad be a best seller?


Thank you to all of those that took the time to reply. I really appreciate it.


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Guest dsaldridge

It looks like a great deal to me, but then, I don’t know what your plan is. At any rate, the picture is great except that you may turn some people off with your underwear showing. Doesn’t bother me, but some people don’t like that. Sex sells, though, so go for it!

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