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Need Help! Please Request To All Seniors


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Your biggest problems are these:

  1. You are expecting to “get many orders” by offering a service that thousands of other Fiverr sellers are offering. Just because you have a gig on Fiverr, does not mean that people will be clamoring to place orders. You are competing with thousands of other sellers… what are you doing to stand out from those thousands of other sellers?

  2. You’re expecting sales to drop into your lap. Being in business doesn’t work that way. What are you doing to reach out to your target customers? If you aren’t marketing and promoting your services to the people that need those services, how do you expect those people to find you?

Please learn to think like a businessman. Fiverr is a merit-based capitalist marketplace, not a socialist, “everything is given to you just because you want it” website.

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