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Buyer hasn’t sent required items to start order


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Experienced Sellers,

What do you suggest doing if a buyer hasn’t submitted the necessary requirements so that I may fulfill and order? I have done everything on my end and of course am on a timer that is about to expire due to their ‘custom order’ demands. If I deliver late because the buyer has failed to supply the requirements and if I cancel I feel I will get a negative ping either way. As it is my account is up for review in just a matter of days and I don’t want this one snafu to ruin my stats. Any recommendations?

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I would send a request immediately for the items that you need to get started.

Then send it again 12 hours later.

If no response, and you are within hours from the timer running out, Then I would send a request to cancel the order because you have not receive info to get started.

You don’t want to be late. If you are 24 hours late, the buyer can (even accidentally) cancel and you will receive negative feedback.

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