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Milestones order: First one accepted, second one canceled?


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Hi all,

I just experienced this situation which I think it is unfair by fiverr?
I had an order with two milestones. The first one was accepted but the second one was canceled.
The main question was will the system consider this as canceled order? Complete order? Or maybe add one to both?

I contacted the customer support and they told me that the money from the first milestone will go to my account but the order will be considered as canceled.

Im not sure if this is completely fair, I mean the first part was accepted after all. At least add one for both cases or something. Any way, I just wanted to share this info with you guys since it is not here on the forum (I did a quick check), and maybe you can tell your opinion about this.

Say the order had 5 milestones and the first 4 were accepted but the last one was canceled. According to my understanding the total ordered will be considered as canceled. Do you find it fair enough?


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