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Buyers unlimited modification request


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Hi everyone,
I am quite new to Fiverr. I have got a new order where my buyer is constantly asking me to revise my work. It was a love letter he was asking and based on the points he gave me, I wrote it for him. As soon as I delivered my work he started saying, he needed something in short which he can send as text. As we all know a letter can’t be modified too much to make it a text message. Still I tried my best to make it a paragraph. And then, he started complaining, no this is not love or its not a propose letter. My gig is for love letters!! After 2 free revisions I offered him to revise for extra money. He straight away declined and said do my job or refund. I approached Fiverr team. They verified even on my GIG and said that my first delivery was at per the clients requirement. But unfortunately there is no control mechanism with Fiverr for buyers. Its a mere disadvantage to the sellers. I am also curious if a buyer is satisfied even with the first delivery but doesn’t accept it because his unwillingness to pay the money and later cancel the order, what will be there to safeguard sellers interest. Can anyone suggest me on my above mentioned points?


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welcome to fiverr 🙂
this happens with a lot of sellers on fiverr !
i will suggest you to clearly mention in gig description what customer will get in order and how much revisions you are giving to him
thats why i always mention in my web development gig to discuss project before placing order so now customer contacts me first i understand their project tell them necessary package then buyer is also happy with end result

and if you know you did the right thing then stick to it dont refund money a seller should not be threaten by such buyers
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Thank you for your suggestion. Besides this, I also find the portal very confusing. Say a buyer rejected an order but is ready to pay extra for the revision of the same order, in those circumtances both buyer and seller getin dillema. Because seller would not get money for the rejected delivery and at the same time buyer also states that money has been already deducted. So if your first order was of $10, which is rejected in a way to get a new revision, we cant offer $20 for revised work, because seller would have to pay $30 after the delivery is completed. So its a mess. Again you have to request buyer to accept the previous offer and have to convince him that you will put a fresh offer for the revision,

Secondly most of the time buyer message you and thaen you have to create an offer inspite of the bfact that packages are already mentioned in the first page!!

Thirdly there is no control mechanism to safeguard a seller.

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