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See replies for translations - English translations are required


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I ran it through Google translate, and it apparently means (probably very rough translation)
“If I made a mistake, then it’s the mistake of seller”
“I am a Bangladeshi that may be my mistake”

I’d suggest looking on the bright side. You may have a bad review from the get-go, but that’s better than getting one after making a few good reviews, since at least you’ve learned where to go from here. Either way, you could consider restarting your account and starting over from scratch.

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Hello, as I recall, only English is allowed on the forum.

We suggested that you make your gigs only in your native language for others who speak that, not that you make posts in the forum in that language.

only English is allowed on the forum.

English or at least an accompanying translation must be used on the forum because a high level of English is required according to the Fiverr Help Center. I am not sure if CS would allow a seller to list gigs in their native languages, so I would suggest asking CS before doing that. Here is the relevant topic from the Help articles:


To work with Fiverr, your command of the English language (speaking and writing) must be at a high level. Your mother tongue does not necessarily have to be English, but we expect sellers to communicate in the platform with a proficient level of English-speaking skills.You can add up to four languages. Only add languages in which you can communicate proficiently. The success of your business depends on this. "


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