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Beware of: phishing sites

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Hi Doers,

As we all get busy on Fiverr, sometimes, we get links from users depending on what we sell. However, we should always be careful

If you click a link and you’re redirected to a page that looks like Fiverr and asks you to log in, it is probably a phishing site (scammers). Or, if you get an email from “Fiverr Support” saying your account has been locked and must be unlocked or that they require your password, that’s B.S

Again, I know it sounds like common sense but making you just read that, you are now aware of it and it will always be in the back of your mind. You won’t fall into a trap where your information and sometimes your Fiverr business can become compromised.

Inspired by a TRS ebook.

I hope this helps 😀


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