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Analytics page should show calculations it uses to get our metrics


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It would be nice if our analytics page showed us the calculations for each of the three metrics it displayed.

How many orders we have in the past 60 days divided into the number of completed orders will give us our cancellation rate.

I’ve been doing this every few days myself to make sure this is all correct but I shouldn’t have to. This is so crucial for all of us now that to not show us how these calculations are arrived at, with the figures filled in to the math forumula’s seems like a critical omission.

I have figured out that one of my metrics is off already. At least show us the number of orders updated every day for the last 60 days.

This would help all of us immensely to stay within the limits for our level.
How will we know how many late deliveries we can have before it’s level time again, or how many missed messages?

Please show us the math in each of the three formula that updates every day.

To have so much riding on these formulas now and not display them in a daily updated form is not helpful unless we can see the calculations as they happen and we have a chance to check them and adjust our orders and messages accordingly every day.

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I’ve already forwarded the Analytics page matter to my success manager, as promised in a previous thread regarding these issues, and she said all these ideas are great and she’s pushed them directly to the person in charge with the Analytics page, which skips some steps if one had suggested them in the forum or via CS tickets 🙂

That is excellent feedback! Thank you for sharing it! I have passed your comments and the forum thread to our Product Manager who owns the Analytics page.

Now I guess all we have to do is eagerly wait 👀

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