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How to Increase Fiverr Gig Sales With Facebook


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If you’ve been experiencing low gig sales on your Fiverr gigs,

you can use this trick that I use from time to time to make a couple of sales.

This trick comprises of a simple 3 step process:

  1. Create a free Wordpress blog to advertise all your Fiverr gig(s) in one place.
  2. Install the FCN tool on your Wordpress blog (read more about FCN tool at http://facebook-crazy-notification-tool.ojuola.com).
  3. Use the FCN tool to send live Facebook notifications directly from your wordpress admin to your Facebook friends, making sure to list all the gigs you wish to sell in the notification.

    This will permanently connect all your Facebook friends to your Wordpress blog.

    Every time you perform any update on your blog, all your FB friends will automatically be notified at once directly from your blog.When they click on the little notification icon on Facebook to read your update, they will be automatically redirected back to your blog so they can read more!

    This trick sold 8 gigs for me recently!
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Thanks for your advise! I can add to this, share your gig’s link on tumblr and make sure your tumblr Account is synchronized to twitter, which is also synchronized to your Facebook account.

After sharing, you must see the same post appear on both account (tumblr, twitter, Facebook) at a time.

Hope this will help too.

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