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We are looking to add a Chief Digital Nomad to our global team.

The Chief Digital Nomad will join us as a remote employee, traveling from Vietnam and Malaysia to Thailand and finally to Japan to serve as the eyes and ears for doers around the globe. Giving these experiences a platform will enable and inspire other entrepreneurs to shine.

Check out the video explaining the opportunity:

Still interested? Read more and apply here:

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This is what I look like sitting here reading Matt’s post. 😛 There’s no doubt this is an incredible hulk opportunity travel dream.


On 2/6/2018 at 10:15 AM, gig_freak said:

@nikavoice - I think that this sounds just like the perfect job opportunity for you, right? :beach_umbrella:

Aw, you thought of moi. 😊

OMG, you’re so right. This is very tempting. I’m a social 🦋 butterfly, too. So, meeting/chatting it up with new people is the norm. I’ll read the full job description/requirements first tho. 😃 

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As I just happened to read the blog, The Chosen One for Chief Digital Nomad is a nice lady (yay! ) named Chelsea.

Here’s a link to the blog from May 11th, with a video interview of Chelsea, too:


Congrats to Chelsea!

Totally, cool! 😎

Yanno, I’ll admit, I never read the blog unless somebody shares something coolio like this. 😁

Whoa! Chelsea was chosen out of thousands of applicants. No wonder why it took so long. I’m sure she’ll do an AWESOME job!

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