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[FRUSTRATING] When submitting requirements the page auto saves and erasing my words in the process


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I have this problem when submitting my requirements for an order:

  1. Every now and then the page auto saves whatever I’ve written something
  2. It tends to auto erase current sentences I’m constructing
  3. The auto-saving is very un patterned which means I don’t know when my sentences will be erased again when I’m writing stuff

It’s super frustrating because sometimes I’m halfway through submitting my orders. And because of this auto-saving I lose some of my contents. Forcing me to start over multiple times.
Does anyone else have this bug? And does anybody know how to get rid of this??

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This is happening ALL of the time. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to actually write anything in the submission box, I have to construct my sentences in a text file on my computer and paste them is!, this is TERRIBLE functionality!! It’s also been like this for ages, my question is do nany of the developers at fiver actually use the site?!

Hey I’m on a mac using firefox latest, there are millions of use however.

Bottom line is I’d rather not have any auto save than have this happen, it’s so bad.

I never complain about anything, but not being able to do the singular thing that this site is based upon, ie ask someone to so something for you, is nothing short of ridiculous.

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