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From office junkie to digital nomad


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Hi everyone, hope you are doing great this lovely day!

So not long ago I made some major changes to my life, and switching over to a digital nomad is the biggest change ever. Living in between Stockholm and Istanbul requires flexibility in work, and Fiverr solved that to me, thank you founders!

Anyway, I´ve published 2 gigs so far, and planning to publish a total of 5.
Now, since this community is AWESOME and HELPFUL, could you please take a look at my gigs and give me some feedback?

As the courtesy demands, I´ll do the same for you. Just post a comment with your profile handle.
Hope to see you online, on co-gigs, projects and the community.

ove & Cheers,
Merih aka @digitalcouture

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Hi Merih and Welcome to Fiverr! 🙂

You have very nice and interesting gigs, I wish you lot of success with them.

I suggest you to browse around this topic: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers

and you will find lots of useful tips and how to get started.

Cheers. 😉

Hi odal456, thanks for the tip! I´ll check it out,

love & cheers Merih

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