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Wake up the Daydreamer!


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Hi Fiverr Fellows!

I would like to share with you guys my experience with the excited buyers or I also call them the daydreamers.

This buyer would approach you with tons of praise and kind words expressing how excited he/she is to deal with you and how excited he/she is to become the next Warren Buffet by simply ordering your gig (I do market analysis). And because he/she is too excited he/she may, immediately, place 2 or 3 orders without even reading the gigs descriptions and then, a few minutes later he/she may also ask for a refund (you know the trouble of having many cancellations).

My advice to you guys is to chill out with this buyer and don’t let him/her transmit his/her exaggerated excitement to you. You need to make sure you keep reminding this buyer to read the gigs description and to share his/her expectations in advance. Besides, if you think that this buyer is daydreaming, wake him/her up and don’t waste your time with him/her.

At the end of the day, somebody who gets too excited to contact you and too excited to place the order, he/she, probably, had just watched a youtube video “How to become a billionaire selling one product on Amazon?”, believed the drama and convinced his “brain” that he/she can, simply, become a billionaire by ordering a $5 or $40 gig on Fiverr without learning anything about the business model he/she’s jumping in.

Let’s wake up the daydreamers and do what we do best!

I hope this post helps you guys focus on your work without being distracted or frustrated by the daydreamers 😉


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