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Rating and comments for buyers?

Guest angelofsin

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Guest angelofsin

I thankfully have not had any issues with buyers on this site, but I have been on other sites where there have been people who were pretty colorful. On one site the buyer posts what they need and others apply, which I love fiverr’s method more but hate that I know little about the one buying my gigs.

On that site both sellers and buyers had a list of all comments on completed jobs along with the total they were paid or paid and both had stars showing their rating, also instead of just negative and positive you could get someone between 1-5 stars.

I know a lot of fiverr users have pointed out annoyance of commenting on a buyer’s feedback because the feedback doesn’t count toward the buyer just shows up on the sellers gigs.

I feel there should be a rating for how many times a buyer cancels orders or gives negative feedback… this would help sellers know what they are getting into and if the person that wants the work is just a scam artist trying to get free work…

Now as I stated above I have not had any issues with my customers and so far and very happy with fiverr and will hopefully be using it for a long time, but I just wanted to explain my reasoning for why I feel this would be a great idea to try to add the site…

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