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What is BBcode for fiverr!


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I have to say that I have no idea what you are trying to ask here either.
If I knew what at BB code was maybe I can help you but I don’t.
Judging from the feeling I get it seems urgent, if you want help and answers
you might want to get a help from a translator???

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BBcode refers to Bulletin Board code, but I have no idea how it would be related to Fiverr. It is a simple markup language used in things like forum messages. BBcode can be used in this forum since our Discourse forum uses it (see image below) but you don’t actually need to know about it. Just type in the box normally.

It’s possible you got some error posting on the forum or using the Fiverr inbox, but only Customer Support could help you if it continues. If it was a one-time event I wouldn’t worry about. It certainly has not been a common issue for Fiverr users. Contact CS if you need anything else.


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