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Seperate gig or as an extra?


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What do you guys recommend for people that don’t have a lot of reviews yet :
-Add business cards as an extra to logo design gig (9 reviews atm)
-Make seperate gig for business cards (0 reviews atm)

I ask this question because I had a seperate business card design gig but this didn’t get any sales or a lot of traffic so I paused it for now. And my logo design customers do ask for business card designs after I delivered the logo because I tell them in my delivery that I also make those. So this could mean extra reviews on my logo design gig or first review on a business card gig that isn’t really attracting people at the moment.

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If the buyers are askinf for business cards after you design a logo for them, you could add business cards as an extra.

I suggest you to unpause that gig only for business cards, at some point buyers will order that aswell. 😉

Thank you for your suggestion !

What would you do if you already delivered the logo and then they ask for business card : make custom offer on the logo design gig so you have an extra review there (because it is already delivered I can’t add it as an extra) or send them to the business card gig ?

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