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How to deal with unprofessional clients


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Hi there,

I wanted to ask for some tips about how to handle unprofessional clients, so far i have got maximum polite and friendly clients, but recently i got few of them who never gave me proper information about what they want, and while delivering the gigs i repeatedly asked them if they need any modifications i will always do them, but before contacting me or even asking for modifications they gave negative reviews, i am new here and negative reviews will affect me a lot

any tips would be great

thank you


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A few ideas…

  • Make your requirements clear right up front in your gig description.

  • Make your requirements clear in your gig “instructions to buyers”.

  • State how many revisions you will do in your gig description.

  • Have a prepared gig FAQ sheet, so when a buyer contacts you before ordering you can send them the FAQ sheet.

  • Have a prepared gig delivery FAQ sheet ready and include with your delivery. Tell the buyer how you created their project, how to use it, and how to contact you if your work doesn’t meet their expectations.

  • When asking buyers to contact you before ordering, be prepared to provide a high level of pre-gig service, with a lot of detail and helpful consideration.

  • Always over deliver. For example: Say your gig is a cartoon drawing or logo, Deliver a black and white copy in addition to the full color one you always deliver, Always give the buyer something they didn’t expect.

  • Always thank a buyer for contacting you and buying from you.

    Note: Often I will have several back and forth messages with buyers for up to a week before they buy. When they buy, they understand what I need to deliver a high quality product, they often pay more for it, are willing to wait longer to get it and they are 100% satisfied with my delivery.

    My 2 cents…
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Simplify your gig offering in such way that 10 year old can understand that.

Be more professional to people, no matter how much people put you down and tone it down.

Help them even if they are blaming you for their ignorance.

Push your professional helping skills 2 steps ahead, even in worst client case. When the situation gets worst, call the cops err Customer support. 🙂

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i understand that but i always love to help as much as i can, like i do deliver again and again until my clients are 100% satisfied, but there are few who will never ask for a modification and gives negative review on the first go, with each delivery i ask them they can always ask for a revision if they need

thank you all for some great tips, i really appreciate them 🙂

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