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Dealing with other language and Resolution center


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Hey everyone,
Recently, fiverr officially allowed me to change my location in the profile area since I already moved to Germany and it’s now officially like this ( Location in Germany) and from sometime now, A lot of german clients messaging and inquiring in german form Language.I can as well speak conversational german however I did have one confirmed order and we start communicating in german and now it came to the point that there are some small issue regarding the active order.Of course whenever there are issues like this then we seek help via resolution center and I did came to the point how should I report the issue in terms of doing screenshots and the language we use during the conversation is in german? ( The customer support surely will translate it but it will take so much time I guess but anyway I resolved the issue,My main question is, Should I now stick on English platform in terms of when there are inquiries so in case when there are situations that might lead to resolution center then it’s faster and easier? or should I just put to my gig description that It would be helpful enough when we stay in English medium so it’s easier for both parties to resolve some issue in the future? Thanks for your advance opinions

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Hi there!

Yes, it is better to stick to English - you’re quite correct that CS may not have anyone fluent enough in German to be able to translate. Well done on your German - I keep promising myself I’ll learn another language! 🙂

Hi Thanks for the reply.Yes I thought already the same.I already created a welcome message for clients who will inquire in the future so in any case there are situations that needs to resolve, The CS can help as soon as possible.I’ve been learning german for almost 4 years and it is quite tough 😃

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