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Earning in January and total earning money difference after withdrawal


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So I had 20$ cleared funds on fiverr and I withdrawed it to payoneer. But I didn’t receive any email asking if I want to have my money transfered in couple of hours or 2-3 days (fiverr I guess charges differently).

After 20 minutes I received that money. it was already on my fiverr account. I didn’t receive any email from fiverr asking if I want to transfer that money today or after couple of days.

But I didn’t get one thing - from where did fiverr took the transaction fee if I received all 20$ in payoneer and why it didn’t ask me if I want to pay 1$ or 3$ for the transaction .

And the earnings that is displayed in January and total earnings are different. Does this means fiverr took the fee from the not yet cleared funds?

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