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28 hours after editing my gig, I can't find it in search


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My gig is ranked top page in the Transcription Category.

I uploaded 3 new images yesterday, over 28 hours already. Now I can no longer find my gig in searches. Is there a chance it may never show up? Should I be worried?

I already contacted CS.

The two previous times I did make an edit, it was found within 5 minutes, at the other time it showed exactly at 24 hours.

I really need help from you guys.
Thanks all.

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When the time passes new gigs are been arrived on the fiverr that’s why your gig is gone back and it is not the big issue if you want your gig should be on top just active (Fiverr PRO) to be ranked in the first page 🙂

@kakamosi1296 - the OP isn’t asking about how to get their gig on the first page of the search, so this has nothing to do with Fiverr Pro - they’re asking about their gig disappearing from the search after being edited.

@lantanaservices If it hasn’t reappeared a few days after editing, give CS a shout, which you seem to have done, which is good! ☀️

Edited gigs do take a while to reappear in the search - as you’ve said from a few minutes to a few days. If they don’t, ask CS and they might give you an idea as to why.

Good luck! 🙂

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