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Rights of a voice over artist


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Hello there,

As a beginning voice over seller I was wondering something.
I have now done several small orders where the buyer did not buy the commercial or broadcast rights. But already twice I discovered my voice was used in a public environment, like Facebook, for promotion of an event.

Now, as I’m a beginner I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. But the thing is that these buyers didn’t mention at all that they were gonna use my recording for this purpose, and one even said they won’t use my recording in a commercial way. This buyer mentioned that he won’t use my voice over, even though he has gigs on his profile where he makes animation videos with voice overs coming from other Fiverr sellers. Now this is not direct evidence that he did use my voice, but I will keep an eye on it. Because I suspect him from buying cheap voice over recordings and pasting them under his animation which he then sells on Fiverr again.

What can a voice over seller on Fiverr do exactly, in case this happens with some really big project for example? Could I for example report the aforementioned seller?

Thanks in advance!

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