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Why am I not converting?


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Hi there !

So I have been trying to optimize my logo design gig and have managed to get 1000-2000 impressions a day (2 days even 4000-5000) for the last week or so which I am really happy about since I used to get only 50 impressions a day. But I haven’t been able to convert a lot of these impressions. I only had 2 real sales out of a total of around 20000 impressions in 10 days and my last order was completed 5 days ago and I have been waiting for a sale eversince. I have also used the buyer requests a lot to get orders but also without succes. I think the service I offer is pretty high quality since I put a lot of time and effort in designing the logos and offering good and fast communication to my buyers for a very reasonable price. I already read a lot of topics about this but it seems I’m still missing something in my gig. It would be great if any of you would be able to tell me if I’m doing anything wrong on my gig or if there is something I should change to improve my conversion. All feedback is very much appreciated ! 🙂

Here is my logo design gig

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