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How to impressed buyer for my Gig purchases


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i am create a attractive Logo design, I am all facility provide on my Gig,
and high resolution quality and only 5$ very low price in my Gig, but buyer my Gig not purchases, i am 2 days waiting for buyer but no response on my Gig. so, please suggest me, please check my Gig :frowning_face:https://www.fiverr.com/krishnabhati123/attractive-logo-design-for-your-profit-5c9af26f-3404-432d-83ed-c72bc4739ec7#!

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Guest sara19841

Every week you pump out this kind of trashy topics and don’t even read what the community is telling you.

Why would anybody bother wasting any more time on you?

Oh, I just did, lol.

  1. Your sample logos are all over Google. Why would anybody trust you to make a unique logo?

  2. Your gig description is really hard to read. Buyers will feel anxious about working with somebody who doesn’t speak their language very well.

Until you get on top of these two issues, there’s very little else we can say to help you.

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