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Buyer is free loader Cancel the order once work is done


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Hey Guys!

I am just post it that be careful from this Buyer.He is freeloader once work is completed he cancel the order.
mulkstores :- This is Buyer who is free loader.He was placed the order for pinterest Management.I have done all the work & at last week remaining his website is broken so i was told him 1st fixed your website then we will start the work again at the meanwhile i extend the time delivery.But he open the dispute for cancellation.But i don’t accept that cancellation & continue the order & request him please don’t cancel the order i already done your work.Then Don’t know what happen Fiverr was Accepted buyer Request & accept the Cancellation request.

I contact to CS, You can’t accept the Cancellation request from buyer without see both side proof. CS just reply Like this
Thank you for following up with us. Please, understand we take your revenues very seriously and require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. If you come across this issue again please, conatct us right away so, we can assist you.

So guys be very careful from this buyer.

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