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Why fiver dont promote us?


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Last year in fiverr is so bad, there is no logic on site, Should I promote myself into fiverr, directly to competition?
That is Fiverrs work. promote our gigs as it used to be!!!
What fiverr is doing for us this days? i really need to know, beside wanting 20% of each sell.

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I might sound like I am going against you, but I am not.

What do you mean by promoting yourself directly to competitors? Do you know that that would be considered as spamming if you do contact other sellers, and ask them to buy your gigs, or if you are asking them to outsource to you in case they have a lot of work?

If you have read Fiverr doesn’t guarantee sales. They offer you a platform to sell your gigs on. In case you had no clue, from the 20% cut that they are taking from us, they maintain the site, their servers, they give salary to their employees, and they do marketing which brings new people to this site. All of that stuff indirectly benefit you. Belive it or not.

Now let’s skip to this, you are still LV 2, you have 168 reviews, which means that you had a lot of orders in the past. When did you bump your prices? What I would recommend is overhauling your packages, especially on your most expensive gig. You can start from $25, and optimize your packages, towards offering better value for your clients.

Your description sounds a bit confusing, try using Grammarly it would help you to fix some of the basic mistakes in it.

Also, you can try changing your gig photos from time to time as that helps. 🙂

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