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Free Fiverr resources


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Yes and no.
Shouldn’t and Do, aren’t the same thing.
It depends on the level of the sellers (how long they’ve been doing it, how seriously they take it and actual access to resources, NOT Fiverr level Newbie to TRS).
For example, I have access to dozens of music libraries, stock footage and image libraries, motion graphics, sound effects all both paid and free, but I do this off-line, so that supports my fiverr projects without having to charge someone $20 for licensing a music track.
But some Fiverr sellers are shoestring-startups or do not have access to the resources listed in the survey. So in that way, it seems, the question should be: Can this help fiverr sellers deliver better quality gigs, with more and better content, without any added cost? And maybe sell the resource as a gig extra?
So, yes professional sellers should have their own tools and resources, but not all do.

Thats how I look at it.

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