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Basic tips for buyer while ordering


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Following are some of the basic tips a buyer should keep in mind while ordering as per my experience -

► Sometimes it happens that when you are talking to a seller, and you explain them your request in detail, and then the seller send you an offer and you accept it, you may forget to fill the requirement section which will not start the order process and your money might be gone… So keep that in mind while ordering make sure to fill out the requirement section.

► While talking to a seller on conversations, you may explain them all your information regarding your request but don’t bother to write the same information on the order page. This leads to misunderstanding for the seller. So, as to minimize these confusions, never forget to write the information on the order page as well… Once it happened with me and in return I didn’t get the desired result because of this misunderstanding.

► Always choose category and subcategory in order page so that Fiverr support can also know about your order and assist you if any disputes happen between you and the seller.

► Some sellers may often ask you to pay some extra money even after the offer has been accepted, in that situation, you have the full right to deny their demand any stick with the previously discussed and agreed price.

These were the few tips i would like to give to my fellow buyers on fiverr to avoid any harassment.
If you have any more quires or questions regarding buying on fiverr please feel free to ask them in the comments down bellow and i shall answer them in as precised way as possible.

Thanks 🙂

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